18 Cupcake Tin Recipes For You To Try This Month!

We all have our favorite recipes, and foods that we go to on a regular basis, sometimes it's difficult to get out of the rut of cooking the same recipes over and over again, until we something we just can't resist. These "OMG Life Altering Recipes!", have more than a few recipes you will want to add to your list of regulars.

These 18 surprising things to make in a cupcake tin on the Food Network website, will have you looking at cupcake tins in a whole new light. All of these recipes would be great for a party or get together, or for sending with the kids for some of their school lunches, you might even try freezing some of them, to have simple things on hand when needed. One recipe I will definitely try is the mini spinach and mushroom quiches, they are the perfect serving size, and look so amazing. To start you'll want to preheat your oven to 375 degree Fahrenheit, prepare your non stick muffin tin by spraying non stick cooking spray to pan, then cooking some bacon till crisp chopping afterwards, next you'll want to salute your mushroom and thinly sliced shallot with olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper, taking off heat when mushrooms cooked and adding some spinach till wilted but still remaining bright green, whisk some eggs and egg whites with milk and salt and pepper, add the egg mixture to the muffin pan, topping with the mushroom mixture, and bake, looks so good.

For dessert you can try the little lemon meringue pies, just like the bigger version, but done in muffin pan, so cute. The recipe gives directions for making your own homemade crusts, homemade lemon filling with sugar, cornstarch, egg yolks, lemon and lime juice, lemon zest and butter. Lastly the best part the homemade meringue for the tops, with egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar and salt, these look adorable.

It's always a good idea when you add one of the popular superfoods to your recipe. The term superfood is really just about marketing, but with that said there are some well known foods out there that we know are good for us, and it certainly can't hurt to get them into our daily diets. The Oxford Dictionary's definition states that a superfood is a nutrient rich food that is considered to be especially beneficial for health and well being, I don't know about you, but that sounds good to me. The most popular items on the superfood list contain common food choices whose nutritional value has been long recognized as exceptional. Popular examples of superfoods include berries, nuts and seeds, dark green vegetables (such as spinach, kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts and broccoli), citrus fruits, fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines, vegetables with bright, dark, or intense colors (such as beets and their greens and sweet potatoes), legumes (such as peanuts, lentils, beans) and whole grains.

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