A Beautiful Log Cabin With a Very Large Living Space and Wide Floorplan!

There are countless reasons why you might want to build your own log cabin. You may already be aware of the fact that a cabin building is naturally self-insulating. Some log house designs are even capable of providing up to 20 percent more energy efficiency than most contemporary forms of residential construction. Choosing to build your own log cabin can certainly result in both energy savings and a significantly smaller carbon footprint for your entire household. More importantly, however, log house construction is both incredibly flexible, and surprisingly enduring. These homes are easy to maintain and they give residents the benefit of spacious living environments that have a decidedly romantic and cozy feel. Quail Hollow is a gorgeous log house that's been built in North Carolina. This massive three bedroom and three and a half bathroom log cabin offers 1,605 square feet of living space that's heated throughout. It also has an expansive front porch that offers an additional 300 square feet of usable area. This covered porch is ideal for residents who like spending time outside watching the sun rise or simply gazing at the stars. When you build your own log cabin, you can definitely gain inspiration from cabin building plans like this one. Designed and built by Quality Log Home Builders of North Carolina, Quail Hollow is a truly standout log house that boasts a vast range of impressive amenities and features. Best of all, it offers the country living feel that many cabin building investors are seeking given its open floor plan and ample-sized living space.

The ultimate goal of Quality Log Home Builders was to make optimum use of the available space in this cabin building so that residents could enjoy an elevated living experience. For instance, this cabin building has a back-door entrance that's been strategically combined with a mud room and a laundry room. As such, this log house effectively condenses necessities so that more space is allocated for the dining room and living room areas. This log house has its master bedroom on the first floor and offers an impressive number of modern amenities, despite the builder's longstanding commitment to taking a rustic approach with all its cabin building projects. When choosing to build a log cabin in the traditional, all-wood style, one of the challenges that people often face is finding ways to brighten the interior. This log house has ample windows throughout that are ideal for letting the natural light flow in. The tongue and groove style that's used for this log house gives it a perfectly sealed construct and a truly seamless appearance. The exterior of this log house is brightened by white trim around the windows, and light-colored stone at the log house base. With its dark green roof and matching gutters and downspouts, this log house blends perfectly into its natural surroundings.

Log house construction is fast-growing in popularity given that more consumers are looking for eco-friendly retreats and primary dwellings. Given the natural construct of this log house, it's unlikely to off-gas the many toxic chemicals that are found in many other forms of new residential construction. Moreover, given that you have the option of sourcing your materials in a sustainable fashion, when you build your own log cabin, you can erect a cabin building that has minimal impact on the natural environment. This log house is expansive and truly impressive from end to end. It is perfect for cabin building enthusiasts who want to grow closer to nature while experiencing all that authentically rustic living has to offer. A special thanks to Quality Log Home Builders for sharing info on this amazing log house design.

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