A Handcrafted Log Cabin In The Woods with Spacious Interior!

Imagine a wood cabin of your own, a place where you can spend time with family and friends in a location close to nature. This log cabin design from Norse Log Homes is just the sort of cabin building that would work. This log cabin design is just one of the wood cabin designs to choose from. These days there are more log cabin designs available than ever before, with something to suit every budget, lifestyle and need.

A log cabin design from Norse Log Homes starts with select Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir logs that are hand peeled using the traditional draw knife method. Each log of your log cabin design is individually selected and scribe fit, which helps to ensure a tight fit between every log in the cabin building. Door and window openings for the wood cabin are then cut, bevelled, then sanded, and keyway. The corner curls for the wood cabin are cut, and the log ends are sanded and chamfered. Finally, the log roof system for the wood cabin is built and erected. Your cabin building is numerically tagged at the corners and the door and window openings. Your wood cabin package is then disassembled and loaded onto a truck or into a shipping container for delivery to your wood cabin foundation anywhere in the world. The wood cabin is then built at the site, taking between one to three days, depending on the size of the cabin building and the complexity of your log cabin design. Your Norse Log Home package will include of the log work as per the finished wood cabin plans, a set of log stairs if part of the wood cabin plan, the insulation for the log walls, the thru bolts at all corners and archways and the springs and settling jacks. With your wood cabin design, all of the door and window openings cut out with keyways and blaze cuts are included, and an experienced person from the company is there to assist in the re-erection of the wood cabin work, along with optional handrail material.

Norse Log Homes consist of experienced wood cabin builders that specialize in quality handcrafted custom cabin buildings. Whether you are interested in a mountaintop wood cabin ski chalet, a wood cabin on a secluded lake, a unique office cabin building, a wood cabin resort development, or your own dream log cabin design, they can build to suit your needs. Their builders have extensive log house design and log house construction experience. The office and main construction yard for Norse Log Homes are located five minutes north of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. The people at Norse Log Homes have been log house builders since 1975. The company moved to Vancouver Island in 1984 to be located at the source of the worlds best supply of the Douglas Fir house logs. When considering a cabin building design you want to be sure and do your research beforehand, and make sure you know exactly what is included in the price of your wood cabin.

This log cabin design is just one of the wood cabins from Norse Log Homes. On the site, you will find a variety of wood cabins, log cabin designs, cabin buildings and more. They use select West Coast grown Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar logs to build log cabin designs to last. These logs have a mean mid diameter average of twelve inches and a fifteen-inch butt diameter. Their logs are hand peeled using the traditional draw knife method; they are then scribe fitted using notches and lateral groove construction. They are proud of their natural handcrafted log house designs. The quality of their log house designs far surpasses machined log house kits. **

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