Another Forest Getaway Cabin with Sauna, Sunken Hot Tub

Looking at new home designs like this beautiful forest getaway cabin is a great way to get inspired. If you're dreaming of building your own home one day, it's important to create a vision board of ideas that most inspire you in regards to home design. Wood cabins like this one featured on Trendir are wonderful to use as an idea for a modern home design. Built out in the woods of Canada, the cabin is completely immersed in nature. This would be a wonderful spot to have a home or a cabin to escape from the busyness of modern day life and retreat to a simpler atmosphere. As you can see, the cabin is anything but rustic. The light and bright cabin is made mainly from lighter toned wood, which lends itself to the contemporary look. Using light wood on the inside of the home was a good design move too since a darker would can sometimes really seem to make a space feel smaller or closed in. The beautiful windows also help with the expansion of the space, letting the outside indoors for a more seamless flow into nature. There's nothing quite like being in nature and having clear views to the world around you, watching the sun peak through the trees every morning and maybe even catching a glimpse of a wildlife visitor or two. Even the sauna area of the house is equipped with full floor to ceiling windows giving a full view of the natural world while relaxing and enjoying the health benefits of the sauna.

The project was designed by Quebec based architecture firm YH2 Architecture. The firm has completed some pretty amazing projects over the years, mainly residential, but they have also done a few commercial projects as well including a hotel. Their designs are very distinct and offer such a fresh take on wood cabins and homes. They seem to focus on creating simple designs that fit right into their natural landscapes without taking too much away from the beauty of nature. It's always wonderful when designers take into account the landscape of the building site and try their best to leave some of the natural aspects in tact instead of clearing away an entire area to build a home. It also saves on landscaping costs since implementing native plants back into a landscape can be costly and the plants can take years to mature. The home design you see here is smaller, but it seems so spacious because of the design and thought put into the layout. For a more spacious living space, it's smart to create an open concept living area which allows the living room, kitchen and eating area to intermingle. Keeping the sight lines clear by choosing low profile furniture also helps with this.

One of the key features of any wood cabins would have to be the fire place. This beautiful cabin has a fire place, but not the conventional style fire place you might expect from a cabin in the woods. Usually we see large, stone built wood fire places, but in this case, the fire place is much more modern to suit the overall design of the cabin. The fire place is wood burning, but it suspends from the ceiling, from it's chimney, in the centre of the living room. It's definitely one of the coolest fireplaces we've ever seen and could be great to cozy up around with loved ones. A cabin like this would be perfect for living an off grid life, provided there were all of the accommodations to support the off grid life like solar power and a water source. Enjoy this beautiful home and others on the Trendir website.***

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