Award Winning Red Cedar Home Resonates with Treed Landscape

This award winning red cedar home with a treed landscape is absolutely stunning. The Knutsford House, located in Cheshire, Manchester/Knutsford, England is truly amazing with its incredible home design and architectural features. The home was designed and built by Nicolas Tye Architects to flow with the natural landscape surrounding it, and the firm did a fantastic job of delivering. This house was constructed with a steel frame and then sided by all natural red cedar wood. Cedar wood is a highly desirable species of wood for any home building project as well as for flooring, furniture, and gardening. In this case, the red cedar is actually western red cedar which grows abundantly on the west coast of the United States and Canada. In fact, the western red cedar is British Columbia's official tree. There is another species of red cedar known as eastern red cedar which has different properties than the western variety. Western red cedar has always held strong importance to the Native tribes, and people who embrace the traditional ways still continue use every part of the tree for various uses. They use all of the parts of the tree for medicinal purposes both topically and internally as it has very powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The western cedar can grow up to 60 meters tall when it reaches its full maturity and the wood is very strong and lightweight making it perfect for building with. It also has a strong resistance to decay and insect infestation which means it can last over 100 years if taken care of well. This is what makes cedar wood a top choice when it comes to building a home. The other thing people love about the western red cedar is its beautiful appearance. As you can see in the photos of this Knutsford house, the wood just has this amazing natural glow about it and a gorgeous wood grain. Not to mention, the scent of cedar wood is amazing. For building projects, wood is just a superior choice over all of the synthetic materials out there. Wood is sustainable, and it's completely natural, and when it's sourced from sustainable forests, it's even more eco-friendly. The homeowners of this Knutsford house made a great choice in going with the western red cedar for their home design, and the architects and builders created such a beautiful, modern look with it. A lot of new home designs are going for a more natural look, mixed with a contemporary style. The new home designs are kind of a new take on the classic mid-century modern homes seen in the 1960s and 70s.

Not only is the exterior of this home stunning, the interior floor plan is simply gorgeous as well. They implemented the same clean lines as applied to the exterior of the home, this time using composite materials on the walls and slate tile flooring for a very sleek look. The living room and kitchen area are connected by a double-sided fireplace made our of slate stones, creating some warmth in the space. The kitchen is very classy and modern, with dark cabinetry and white surfaces, including a very mod looking dining room table with comfortable seating. Another wonderful feature of this floor plan is the decks and balconies that encircle the house, with multiple access points. The windows are huge, allowing the natural vistas into the home and filtered light throughout the day. Enjoy looking through all of the photos of this home featured on Trendir as well as all of the other new home designs they feature regularly. This is a great resource for home design inspiration and innovation.***

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