Building This 210 Sq. Ft. Modern Tiny House Is More Than Special - Watch The Video Tour

Building a small house on a foundation is a great idea if you have a piece of land to build on. Here you see a 210 square foot modern tiny house with no loft, built in Washington, D.C. The owner of the tiny house, Brian Levy, shows us around in a video tour that makes you feel like you're right inside the house, getting a first-hand look at the great design of this tiny house. Designing a small house can be a lot of fun, but building it on a trailer like the tiny houses on wheels we see has some restrictions that you have to adhere to. With a tiny house on wheels, if you want to tow without a permit, you have to be within 30 feet long, by 8 feet wide and 13 feet tall. Otherwise, usually more assistance is needed to haul it down the road. Larger loads need a pilot vehicle as well as a trained driver to move them, which is why people with tiny houses on wheels will stay within the highway limits so they can move their tiny home themselves as often as they need.

For people who want a bit more permanency, tiny house building can also take place on a foundation. All you need is a vacant piece of land that you are able to build on. If you're like most people, you may not have a piece of land to build on, but you could try and work out a land share with someone in the area you desire to live in. These smaller houses are also great accessory dwelling units to build on a property to rent out as a bed and breakfast, or on Air B&B. Brian built his tiny house with SIPs, which are structurally insulated panels. These panels are wonderful to use in building projects because they are so easy to assemble, and they have everything you need in a wall all in one. Many SIPs are also fire retardant, and will also be water resistant as well, which could relieve some worry about weather and fire damage. Inside Brian's tiny house are plenty of wonderful hidden surprises that he shows us in the video. One of the coolest things about this tiny house is that there are no lofts. Most tiny houses on wheels will have at least one loft for sleeping, but some people would rather sleep on the main level than have to climb up and down a ladder a few times a day.

Brian's bed is designed to roll out from under a platform that serves as his office and music area. The bed is on castors making it extremely easy to roll out when it's time to hit the hay, and it even rolls out partially and locks into place to provide comfortable seating for a few guests. Up in his office area, you would think that there was just a desk, but Brian lifts up a panel of the desk to reveal a piano keyboard. What a great design for musicians living in a tiny house. All of the musical equipment can take up a lot of space, but figuring out keen ways of storing everything makes everything fit perfectly into the space. When designing a small house, creating double duties for everything in the house is a key factor to the functionality of the home. Little additions like this may increase tiny house cost, but overall, it will make the house so comfortable to live in. Enjoy the video tour of Brian's house and perhaps get some tiny house inspiration for your own tiny home designs.***

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