Come Home to this Beautiful Log Cabin After Enjoying the Relaxing Views Outside

This charming small log cabin shows that you don't need a lot of space to make the perfect home away from home. This handcrafted small log cabin has just the right amount of space to prepare dinner, relax, sleep and enjoy its natural location. The bunks fit nicely into this small space, while the built-in benches and log furniture compliment space and it's natural setting. The wrap around outdoor patio is a nice spot to relax and look out at the water in the wood cabin that you would never want to leave. All season small log cabin design can provide much-needed rest at any time of year and an excellent spot to enjoy nature and get outdoors.

A handcrafted small log cabin is the ultimate log cabin design to enjoy. Handcrafted wood cabins are much more labor intensive then milled log homes, and you will see this price difference in the overall price. If you are want to save on the price of a wood cabin, you will find more affordable options with milled log cabin designs. And while you can tell the difference in the overall look between handcrafted and milled wood cabin designs they each provide the benefit of using wood as a natural building material that is better for both you and the environment. Logs used for milled small log cabin construction are not logs as they looked in the forest, but rather machine milled pieces of wood. It is easy to see the difference between milled wood cabin designs and handcrafted wood cabin designs. With a milled wood cabin design having logs that are all consistent in both size and dimension compared to handcrafted wood cabin design where the logs are not all the same and have more of a unique character in each log used. In handcrafted log house construction, each log in the log house design is different from the last. Other factors that will affect the price of a log house design are with variables from the log house design, the type of logs used, the style, log house size, the roof structure and the finish of the logs. Most often the simpler the style of log house design, the lower the price will be with a rectangular log house design as there are fewer corners in the design.

The green roof used on this handcrafted wood cabin design makes it blend almost seamlessly into its natural forest location. There are several benefits to using a green or living roof on a wood cabin from helping to absorb rain water with the water buffering into the plants, the substrate, and the drainage layer. This rainwater absorption helps the rainwater evaporates through the plants. Green roofs also help to stabilize the groundwater level, which lessens the peak load on the sewage system in urban centers and helps to reduce the risk of flooding. Green roofs purify the air as the plants in the living roof layer filter particulate matter from the air and then convert the CO2 into oxygen. Living roofs also help to reduce the ambient temperature because the plants absorb sunlight with about 50 percent being absorbed and 30 percent being reflected. This helps to create a cooler and more comfortable climate. This is also a benefit to the indoor climate of the wood cabin as it is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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