Grandparents Turn Some Old Streetcars Into the Dreamiest Tiny Home

When it comes to tiny houses, there are plenty of amazing designs out there. It seems that there is an increasing number of great ideas emerging when it comes to tiny house design too. People aren't just building tiny houses from scratch either; they are repurposing old structures and items into spaces to live in which is very cool. Not only does this make use of old materials, recycling and repurposing them which keeps them out of the landfills. It also helps people save money and helps save newer resources and materials. This particular tiny house was created out of old streetcars if you can believe it. The home is located in Santa Cruz, an eccentric California coastal town and belongs to Mary and Gerhard Ringel who have lived in it for several years now. These very streetcars were once used to carry passengers through Santa Cruz until 1926. This was when the cars were replaced by buses. But two of the streetcars were made into this charming one bedroom, one bathroom home that the couple now happily resides in.

Mary is a massage therapist, and Gerhard is an engineer turned handyman and builder. They have always loved things that are a little different, so the house suits them just perfectly. Gerhard even did some of the handiwork to fix up the place including installing a beautiful stained glass looking light fixture in the home. The lights change colour to suit the mood providing lighting and ambience. You enter the house into the living room. You can see the lovely curved roof, the original iron brackets and transom-style windows. From the outside, the home doesn't appear to be two streetcars pushed together because of the regular roof they put on it as well as the attic crawl space. One of the cars is 25 feet long, and the other is 30 feet long with a 3.5-foot space connecting them in the middle. The first streetcar holds the living and dining room area and then, the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen are in the second one. There's also an addition that increases the size of the bedroom by 8 feet. In total, the home features about 750 square feet of living space which is pretty decent for small house living. The couple actually downsized into the smaller home from their 2,500 square foot house, so Mary says that they definitely had a lot of stuff to get rid of, but they don't miss the extra space at all.

While the home was already pretty great, to begin with when they purchased it, they wanted to freshen up the paint and add their own style to their new home. So they hired a painter and artist from the area; Gregory LeBaron of Transformational Color who helped them choose the colours to paint the interiors of their home. They went with a nice creamy yellow, an orange called Turmeric, Wasabi which is a pale green, and Eggplant which is a beautiful dark purple. They also included a nice red, pink and green. All of the paint they used was from Benjamin Moore. The Ringels also stripped the flooring out of the house and put in real hardwood floors in the living room and in their bedroom. In the kitchen, they added a new stove and fridge. They were also able to restore the clawfoot bathtub in the bathroom which they believe was an original fixture to the home. One of the special things about the bathroom is the door which is original to the streetcar, and so the bathroom is where the conductor would have once been. Check out the entire tour of this tiny house design and see how magical this home is.***

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