He Made This Adorable Tiny Cabin For The First Time And It Made Him A Millionaire!

Have a look at this awesome cedar cabin in the woods. This 18-foot tiny house on wheels built by Travis Pyke was the first tiny house he built for his company Wind River. He built this tiny house as his own home in 2014 and then carried on the business from there. The tiny house design features a very simple yet stylish exterior made with wooden siding and cedar shakes. There's a small covered front porch leading into the home and a covered seating or storage area which is a great addition to the space. There's also an attached storage cabinet at the very back of the tiny house that they store outdoor gear and tools in. Inside the home, there is a nice little kitchen with oak cabinets and plenty of storage. They got creative with their storage too and made some storage with mason jars. The lids of the jars are attached to a board under their upper cabinets, and so they can just twist them off and on as needed. They even created a polished concrete counter with built-in sink. They also have a nice kitchen table that folds down if they need some extra space in their kitchen.

The living area has a little bench seat sofa with built-in storage, and they also fit in a small chair too. For their clothing, they made a great wooden wardrobe that fits all of their items very well. This shows that you don't have to completely downsize your items when you live in a tiny house. They fit in shelving for books and other items wherever they could too. Their bedroom loft is located over the kitchen area and is accessed by a metal ladder with storage behind it. Above the living room area there is also another loft that is used for storage. The home you see here would cost around $60,000 as pictured. But you could get a simple home in the same style for $48,000. You can get in touch with the company to create your own version of the Wind River Bungalow. So if you're thinking of building your own tiny house on wheels, you can either use their design for inspiration or have them design a completely customized version for you. Building your own tiny house will save you some money but you'll also have to do all of the work yourself, and it might take more time than having someone build it for you.

The couple living in this tiny house on wheels was totally debt free within a couple of months of living in their tiny house. For most people, this would be very freeing which is why living tiny is not even a sacrifice for most people. You get a place that's all your own and don't have to share walls with anyone else too which is a major bonus. Plus, it's a home that you own and can sell if you want to as well. You can then put any money that you would have been spending on rent or a mortgage on your passions and hobbies, or you can just work less and enjoy life more. You will also be able to travel more too. People who live in a tiny house find that it also takes less time and effort to keep their tiny house clean and tidy. Everything has its place, and since they have fewer belongings, it's easier to find the things you're looking for. Enjoy looking at this design and others from Wood River Tiny Homes and see if you could picture yourself living in a small home like this.***

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