La Casa de Botellas Is a Tiny House Made of Plastic Bottles

When it comes to tiny house design, there are so many great ideas out there these days, and more just seem to keep coming. Like these tiny houses in Puerto Iguazu made by Alfredo Santa Cruz entirely out of bottles and other recycled goods. The materials Alfredo and his family built their tiny house out of might be considered to be garbage, but what one man sees as trash another sees as treasure. It was meant to show the resilience and self-sufficiency of indigenous people in the area. Alfredo and his family built the tiny house out of items they collected over a period of time including aluminium cans, jars, CDs, cardboard, and plastic bottles. The tiny house design even features furniture that's been made out of these recycled materials. You might think that these houses would look like trash, but they're actually very attractive and artistic. The different coloured bottles create almost a stained glass effect in the house when the light filters through which is quite pleasant.

The house also shows us how we can take items that would otherwise pollute the earth and use them for something beneficial. People could save a lot of money and save the environment from pollution if they would just use items for other purposes instead of throwing them away. You don't have to build your own tiny house to reduce waste and recycle used items either. You could make an old bucket into a plant pot, or you could use an old bottle to make a lantern. The Santa Cruze family has gotten together with their city and the schools to implement a solar water heater and a food growing system. Alfredo and his family lead tours of the bottle house and other bottle houses in the eco-village they have created. Many people enjoy coming to look at the houses, and they get a lot of inspiration from seeing the ideas that the family has created. They educate people on the benefits of reducing waste and how they can reduce waste in their own lives. The family creates little crafts that they sell, and they are all made from recycled materials as well. So if people don't want to build a tiny house made out of bottles, they can at least take a memory of the experience with them when they go home to remind them of this amazing idea.

If you do want to build your own tiny house out of plastic bottles, you actually can. There are tutorials online teaching us how to do it which is pretty cool. It could even be a fun project to create with your kids to teach them the importance of ingenuity and recycling items instead of adding to the landfills. The tiny house could become a little playhouse for your kids, and they will have built it themselves which will create a sense of empowerment and pride in them that will help them thrive in other areas of their lives. If you'd rather build a tiny house with real housing materials, you can also do it affordably by seeking out recycled materials from buy and sell groups in your area or construction sites. Many people have built their own tiny houses out of recycled materials and were able to save quite a lot of money in the process too. Plus, you're saving those scrap materials from going to the landfill. Check out the video on YouTube showing off Alfredo's awesome plastic bottle tiny house that he made with his family. You can see some of the people coming for tours of it too showing just how popular it is.***

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