Liked Lego When You Were Kid? Well, Now You're Going To LOVE These Bricks!

Imagine being able to build your very own log house or cabin easily and affordably. You can build your very own log house out of a new innovation designed by Brikawood International called The Brikawood brick. This modern building material is designed to be used alone, without the need for cladding or vapour membranes. These bricks simplify construction while ensuring stability and durability. These wooden bricks create the perfect modernized log house designs, and they are very energy efficient providing a thermal barrier. They also provide acoustic barrier too keeping it nice and quiet inside the home. This is a great way for people to build their own home because it doesn't involve any nails or screws, and no glue. It's basically like large, wooden lego pieces. The brick is made up of four wooden elements including two lateral flanges and two transversal spacers that are worked into dovetail joints which interlock into each other creating a strong, airtight seal. That means you won't need to do any chinking or insulation as it's all built right into the wooden brick system.

If you're more a fan of newer log house designs, then these would be the perfect material for you to build your log house out of. The older, traditional style of log house is much more rustic, with rounded logs and chinking in between the logs if needed. Many people would rather have flat, modern looking walls on the interior and exterior of the home for a more up to date look. The bricks are assembled by a crew who is trained to build with them. Since they are so simple to build with, they don't even need to use any equipment meaning there is less energy used in the production.

The log bricks themselves are totally recyclable, and they are 100% natural too. The Brikawood company did 10 years of research and testing on their product, and they have 10 patents and tests that were done for CRITT - Regional Centers for Innovation and Technology Transfer. Their wood is certified by the CSTB - Scientific and Technical Center in the Construction Sector and the CNRC National Research and Technology Council ORT in Canada.

Each brick is made out of Douglas wood, and they are 120mm thick, they may be small, but they're mighty. The company is located in Laroque-d'Olmes which is a village in the Arige area of southwestern France. The construction technique is different from regular log home building techniques, but it works similarly to brick construction. Much like building with bricks, the log bricks are staggered and stacked in rows without fixing. They are held tightly together by spacers and the self-locking system. Building in this way also reduces humidity because there are no wooden beams in direct contact with the soil. These log bricks would make excellent residential homes, cabins, and even work buildings. For the foundation of the log houses, they either use screw piles or concrete foundations which all depends on the building codes in the area. The screw pile is a very big screw which is driven into the ground by a machine until it reaches a part of the soil that will hold it in place. Screw-pile foundations are also great for the insulation of a home since there are less thermal bridges. These homes are great for harsh winter climates as well as very hot climates, and they cost very little to heat each month because of how well the homes are insulated as well as the passive design that takes advantage of the sun's heat and properly insulated windows to keep heat inside the home.***

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