Little Cozy Log Cabin for $7158

Are you looking for the perfect backyard cabin or a log cabin to use as a small vacation cabin? This cozy little log cabin featured on Viva Street could be just the perfect log cabin for you. At a mere $7,158 it's great for all budgets, and it's made out of high-quality materials. The log cabins from this company ship from France, so just be sure that they will ship to your area before you decide on the cabin you want to buy. This one is a Chalet model called the Arizona. It's 20 meters squared which is 215 square feet total, and it has two different rooms that are both accessed from the outside. The log cabin is built out of double groove 45 mm wood, and it measures 530 cm by 350 cm, and it's 217 cm tall. There's also a beautiful terrace added onto the front of the cabin that's 400 cm by 200 cm, and as you can see from the photos, it's the perfect place to hang and plant all sorts of plants and decorations. The arched french doors leading into the home are beautifully crafted, and so are the arched windows. It's touches like these that take a log cabin design from simple to elegant and charming.

There's also another door leading into the side room or storage compartment on the cabin. This would make a great place to store outdoor gear or garden tools. The floor support is constructed out of treated joists, and the floor is done in solid Spruce flooring that's 21 mm thick. If you live close by, they will also come and assemble the cabin for you and you can also add on different things like planters and shutters like you see in the photos which add so much to the home. If you order one of these small log cabins, you can expect it to arrive within 4 to 6 weeks. A small log cabin like this would be simple to build too. They include all of the building materials which are pre-cut and labelled to make it very easy to build on your own or with help from friends. A log cabin design like this could be assembled and ready to use within a couple of weekends or a week. Many people build these as vacation cabins, or to use in their backyard at their permanent residence as a guest house or a rental for tourists in the area. You could also use this as an art or music studio or a home office. Some people even build small log cabins like this to use as home gyms.

Another great idea is to build a small log cabin like this when you first buy a piece of land to live in as you're building your larger log cabin or home. This way you have a place to stay warm and comfortable for an affordable price while you build your dream cabin or home. Once you're all done building your dream cabin or home, you can then move into that and use the small log cabin as an extra space to work out of or as a guest room. They also work great for fishing or hunting cabins that you're only going to use once or twice a year too. Check out more of the great log cabin designs featured on Viva Street where you can then visit the websites of these different log cabin and home builders. It's a great way to learn about all of the different designs and builders from all around the world and get inspiration for your own designs and building projects.***

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