Looking At These 19 Designs Will Take You Straight To The Future

You can't help but be curious when you see an article on The Housing of Tomorrow designs. This list of 19 housing designs of the future will have you thinking about what lies ahead.

This list comes from the 2013 Housing Tomorrow Competition Winners. There were three prizes that were awarded and another sixteen tiny houses that got special mentions on designing tiny house concepts that document, analyze, transform and explore both environmental and social approaches to architecture, interiors, and urbanism. The first prize was awarded to Die Hu, Yang Zhou, and Boji Hu for the trios extreme environments housing proposal called Life On the Ropeway. Their design was a response to the threatened villages of flooding in the rural valleys of Sichuan, China. The project mindfully suspends these tiny villages onto cable systems that sit above their original locations. This unique tiny house system of elevating homes on a ropeway works with the natural features present in the valley while supporting the social needs of the community.

The second prize of the competition went to Liu Qicai, Zuo Long and Yue Kang of China, for their project called Biking/Living. The building development in China of top-down has given way to a mass production of low-quality housing and living conditions. The residential corridors are an integral part of public life, playing an important role in how people live and society. The Biking/Living projects is a way of adapting the historic Shanghai Apartment Building into nine fresh unit types; that offers an alternative lifestyle based around bikes.

The third prize in the competition went to Xijie Ma of China, with a project called City Nomadism. This project compresses tiny living spaces into a small living machine, which ties your vehicle with the space you live in while adapting to the needs of the owner. The innovative concept offers a lifestyle alternative that allows city dwellers to be surrounded by nature while they still get to participate with the city.

Some of the honorable mentions should be seen and include; a project called Floating Nets by Ci Chen, Wenjuan Zhou, Youchun Shi, and Wenhan Hu of China; Marta Borowik, Agata Olga Rakowska, Malgorzata Czarny and Katarzyna Sosinska of Poland created Sea Deployable Bubble Breath 1; Marc Medland and Steven Rabet of the United Kingdom created Adaptive Re Use/Visualization a value added landscape.

If you could design the city or community of the future, what sorts of ideas would you like to see implemented? There are so many things you could do to make a city more livable, from added more greenspace, bike paths and community spaces to keep people busy. With the population of the world steadily growing, urban planners and architecture firms have their work cut out for them when it comes to making cities work for the people living in them. It is an exciting time in tiny house design, and architectural design as the world moves into the future with designs that have a low impact on the environment, and how people live. When you think just much things have changed in just the last twenty years, it's exciting to think of what lies ahead. Tiny house designs just keep getting better and better, with so many unique designs making way all the time. It's an exciting time to live with not only all the technological advances, but also with new tiny house design innovations happening too.

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