This Extraordinary 1008 Sq.ft Log Home Will EXTREMELY Improve Your Lifestyle!

Building a cabin of any kind is very exciting, especially when it's a log cabin. Looking online through the latest log cabin designs is a great way to fuel your inspiration for your own log cabin project. Just save the pages of all the designs that spark your interest and soon you'll have a collection of ideas to pull from when creating your own floor plans. Or, perhaps in your search, you'll find that perfect log cabin design that you know is just for you and you'll be able to buy a package right then and there. Here is a great, inexpensive and spacious two bedroom log home that measures 23 feet by 29 feet with 1,008 square feet of space. The log cabin is just one of the many designs available from FinEstAm Log Cabins, a log home builder in the UK. They build and ship cabins all over the UK and Europe, but they might not ship to the US or Canada. For those not in the areas they ship to, you can simply use their designs as inspiration. The price of this particular log cabin would be around 42,595 to start which is a very decent price. It's always smart to shop around too and get some comparisons going.

The prices for the houses from FinEstAm Log Cabins will be for the timber kit only. This price includes all of the timber to build the structure, the doors, all windows, the flooring and the roof boarding. The price doesn't include the foundation, the kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, any wiring or plumbing. It also won't include the insulation, the roof tiling or building the cabin. Building the cabin would be the responsibility of the customer and could be done by the customer or by hiring a contractor to build it for you. Usually, the small log cabins are quite simple to build yourself even if you don't have any building experience or training. Since most kits come with all of the pieces pre-cut and labelled, this makes it very easy to assemble once it's delivered. FinEstAm log cabins have been used not only for log cabins, but have also been used as classrooms, student accommodations, office buildings, clubhouses, workshops, storage sheds, and stores. Some people even build small log cabins in their backyards as guest houses or rental units that they can rent out on Airbnb or to residents. So whatever you need, a log structure would be a great option.

Log homes are also a great choice because they are very eco-friendly and great for passive house design. The company only uses natural materials to build these small log cabins which creates a healthy environment for you and your family. Logs also have a built-in insulation that creates a very warm environment within the house. This also helps the building retain heat and makes for a very energy efficient building. They also have the ability to stay very cool in the summer as well. In fact, according to the FinEstAm Log Cabins website, logs are eight times better than concrete for insulation and 400 times better than steel, as well as over 2000 times better insulators than aluminium. People also have reported feeling healthier living in log houses since they are living in an all natural environment. Logs also have the ability to filter toxins from the air, and they don't contain any toxins themselves either. The company also only sources their log materials from sustainable sources too which makes them an even better choice. Most companies do these days, but you can always ask to be sure.***

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