Unique Thatched Roof And Gorgeous Details Are Making This Log House Truly Unforgettable. Check It Out!

This beautiful log house design is just one of the unique log houses you will find. With a thatched roof, stonework, unique windows and carved wood details on the railings and windows this is the type of log house that dreams are made. Have you ever seen a log house with a thatched roof before? Thatched roofs are more popular in England and have been around for hundreds of years. Using natural building materials such as logs, straw and stone are excellent ways to be good to the environment. Living in a home built out of natural materials ensures that you are living in a home that is free of toxic chemicals (unless the natural building materials are treated), and you can feel safe to breathe in. Log homes are also known for their thermal mass which keeps the home cool in the warmer summer months, and warm in the colder winter months. The use of wood in log cabin designs and log homes plans and designs helps to create log house structures that are ecologically sound, energy efficient, and architecturally pleasing. A log homes plans and designs and a log house construction is also a home that is durable. Wood to build a log house construction that comes from well-managed forests is a good environmental decision. Log house builders and log house construction buyers from all over the world realize that a wood log house structure is a healthy, comfortable, and a log house with lower energy consumption and better overall performance. A log house design also reduces the impact that home builds have on human health and the environment in regards to home design, the site selection, house construction, house maintenance, and demolition.

Thatching is the method of building a roof that uses dried vegetation. When building a thatched roof building materials that are used often include straw, water reed, sedge, heather, or rushes, whatever is naturally growing in the area. The building process for thatched roofs is done by layering the vegetation so that it will shed the water away from the inner roof. Thatching is a very old style of roofing that has been used in both temperate and tropical climates. Thatched roofs are still used by builders in developing countries, usually done with low-cost, local vegetation. You will also find thatched roofs in some developed countries as a roofing choice for wealthy people who desire a more rustic look for their tiny cottage or log houses. Thatched roofs is also a good choice for those who want a more environmentally friendly roof on their tiny cottage or home, or for those who have purchased an originally thatched home. Thatched roofs have become more and more popular again in the United Kingdom over the last 30 years and are now a symbol of wealth rather than poverty in England. There is something beautiful, unique and rustic about a thatched roof home, like no other type of roof you will find. Thatched roof designs have almost a fairytale charm, and its easy to see why they are so popular.

This charming log house design is just one of the log house construction ideas you will find from "The Little Log House Company" site. "The Little Log House Company" constructs handmade log house designs in the traditional method using large semi-round logs, which each have their unique character and beauty. Each log house they build has attention to detail, and each log house construction has a unique quality of its own that you don't get from mass produced log houses on the market that are often made with basic with thin timber walls. **

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